The (Incomplete & Relative) Almanac to Life

Insanity: To do the same thing over again, expecting different results.

Shame: To be insane.

Therapy: To displace blame onto people, things and events out of your control.

Alcohol: To be present without present responsibility.

Cocaine: To summon enthusiasm for life.

Mothers: To slip through fingers and fall apart in hands.

Fathers: To say, “I’m proud,” too late.

Brothers: To teach you everything they didn’t.  

Sisters: To love and hate equally.

Friends: To feel less alone.

Teachers: To see hidden thoughts.

Cousins: Life doesn’t end at 30.

First love: To show we are built like them, to love and love back.

Affairs: Answers we fear.

Marriage: To settle.

Divorce: To settle.

Love: To break and put back together.

Pets: To repel the ghosts at home.

Plants: To give little but give often.

The Sky: To feel small and lucky.

The Ocean: To feel afraid and lucky.

Music: Voices of our insides.

Words: Brains and hearts and hands.  

Taste: Danger and Likes.   

Smell: To remember.

Sight: To get everything wrong.

Touch: Exist.

Death: To make this worthwhile.

Life: To be questioned.

Old: Functionally extinct.

Wrong: To get stuck on the other side.  

Right: To be wrong