There is a place…

by Sje

…where the bees live in nests like the birds,

The birds live in the ground like the worms,

And the worms swim in rivers with the otters

And the otters stay.

Their lullabies play in our heads all day

and we have forgotten the moon but it’s always there.

We have forgotten to care, but we love,

and there are no expectations.

The sharks bask on banks like the crocodiles

and the crocodiles are gone.

We eat mint leaves and spiders’ webs

and the frogs sleep upside down

balancing on lily pads and stones that float on water

that covers the mountains

that never fade.

And everything is this way,

everything is left the way it is found.

The only colors are blue and green and gold.

We no longer have eyes, just opaque orbs

like balls of salt,

And everything smells so good – even the sun –

we said good-bye to our eyes and never cried.

No one dies except when they want to,

and eventually everyone wants to die.

We tell our children as they’re sleeping,

It’s time for us to find the moon,

and when our children awake the sun is shining

and we’re already forgotten,

like the crocodiles.